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WITS Family Fun Night!

image2Fitness, great food and fun were all a part of our first annual Wellness in the Schools Family Fun Night!  Our 278 families came to the school and enjoyed a FREE dinner sponsored by Chipotele Restaurants and participated in yoga and soccer.  A great time was had by all!


Donors Choose for 278!

Please visit the Donor’s Choose site to help our teachers realize their classroom goals!  You can also buy a gift card for a teacher. 

Here are some of the projects at 278 on

                Mrs. Nelson:      iLearn Is Kinderiffic (962539)  & Hands on Fun (966066)

                Ms. Kolvek:        Teaching is a Work of Heart

                Ms. Alperson:    Paper Power: We Need Origami Supplies

                Mr. Feltman:      Exciting 3rd Ghost Buddy Book will Build Comprehension

                Ms. Demiri:         Take a Leap and Challenge the Minds of Our Youth

                Ms. Lucarelli:      6th Grade Techie”

                Ms. McCord:      Magnetic Math Manipulative Must Haves!

FREE Zumba Yoga for Parents at 278!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays in February, the 278 Title 1 committee sponsored FREE Yoga and Zumba for parents in the auditorum.  It was good for you and it was super FUN!  Many parents came in from the cold and snow and got moving for good heath! Many thanks to Joanne for her enthusiasm and dedication to the idea that exercise can be fun!

February Cafe Day



Last Thursday, our 278 fitness guru mom Joanne cooked up a pot of healthy cabbage soup with Chef’s Anne and Gabe from WITS and Sarah our WITS PTA liason.  The soup is Joanne’s special receipe for fighting flu – so yummy and so good for you!  Many thanks to all the parent volunteers who made this Winter Cafe day a BIG succcess