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January 2015

January 8, 2015

Dress Code and Cell Phone Policy

Dear Parents,

Now that the cold weather is here girls may add grey dress pants as a choice from now until the end of March.  Grey denim jeans, sweat pants or leggings alone are not considered grey dress pants.  The pants should fit properly; not too tight. Certainly your daughter is welcomed to wear her uniform with heavy tights as an option.  The uniform or pants must be accompanied with a white collared shirt at all times.

Please refer to the student planner (page 16) in the Parent/Student Handbook which contains the dress code for any questions on what students should be wearing. In addition to the dark green sweater, which I understand families are having difficulty acquiring, students can have solid color white, grey, navy blue, or black sweaters.  These colors coordinate with the school uniform.  No other sweaters are acceptable.  Hoodies are never permitted to be worn in school, but can certainly be used as a layering piece to and from school.  If you want your child to wear a hoodie to and from school please give them another sweater to keep at school to wear during class time.  They can keep it either in the classroom or locker.  Please write their name and class on the sweater tag.

The gym uniform remains the same; grey sweat pants, white T-Shirt and sneakers.

Cell Phone Policy:

The mayor announced that cell phones are permitted in school.  This ruling is primarily for high schools where students were paying vendors outside of school to hold their phones.  However, this ruling does not change the policy that we have always had in place.  Students are permitted to bring in their cell phones but, in the case of the middle school, they must remain in their lockers turned off during the day.  If a student in the elementary grades has need of a cell phone it is to remain turned off in the book bag or given to the teacher.  The school is not responsible for any cell phones or electronic devices that may be lost or stolen.  These devices are not necessary to have in school. All students are permitted to use the phone in the main office for emergencies and should you need to contact your child we will make sure that they get your important message.  As always a parent will be required to meet with Mr. Reilly, Dean, should your student be using their phone during school time.  We have no problem with students who use their cell phones at dismissal to call parents to let them know when they are leaving school.

As we bundle up for this cold weather let’s think about the spring flowers and hope they don’t have to sleep too long!