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Donate Clothes & Help PS/MS 278 Raise Funds


Great news! We can earn money for PS/MS 278 with very little effort and no cost to any of us. We are teaming up with a new fundraising partner, Schoola. What’s Schoola all about? They partner with schools (us!) and together we collect high-quality, well cared-for clothes for toddlers, kids and women. Schoola pays to ship our clothes to their warehouse and then sells them online. This is the amazing part—Schoola gives $2 from every $5 sale back to our school to fund whatever we need, our choice! That means if we collect 500 items that they can sell for $5 (or more), we could earn $1,000. To help us raise the most, send the things you’d feel best about giving a friend.


Check out their awesome website at


How you can help:

Schoola has created a personalized webpage for us to request pre-paid bags (which we then fill with clothes and leave for the mailman to pick up, drop at the post office or schedule a pick up here We can even track our clothes and the amount of money we earn here. Go to our page and request a bag to get started: And then forward the link to your network, anybody can donate in support of PS/MS 278!


One more way you can help: Spread the word!