Monthly Archives: January 2018


Literacy specialist, Cynthia Guilarte, will demonstrate an interactive read aloud to explain ways to support growth and development of reading skills, and progression across grades.

Wednesday January 17, 5:30-6:30  School library. Childcare, dinner and translation is provided.  Stay around for our monthly PTA meeting.


This Saturday, January 13 a series of workshops for parents entitled Positive Adult Role Models from 9:00AM to 11:00AM in the library.  This is a series of workshops to help guide parents on positive ways to model discussions with your children about their changing bodies, building healthy relationships, and healthy mind-body care.

Workshops will be held every Saturday through January, and in February and March we will have yoga, and zumba.  All are welcome, bring a friend, join the discussion.   A flyer was sent home with your student.


Parents of K-4th graders- ask your child what they learned from the NYU dental team! K-4th (1st grades Jan 11) were visited this week by the NYU dental & nutrition program, lead by an NYU Pediatric Dental Professor.  The dental students and nutritionist lead the children in a discussion about oral hygiene: why and how we brush our teeth, how many teeth we have, which foods promote good oral health… they brought puppets and giant toothbrushes to demonstrate oral care.   Then the dental students did quick visual screens of the children as they had them roar like a lion, and sent a report and new toothbrush home with your child.  Please look for these in your child’s folders.

Wellness Council Tuesday, January 16

The School Wellness Council meets monthly and is open to all. Below find information on our end of the year events, please drop in at any point after that time, learn what is going on and  become part of the team!

School Wellness Council Tuesday January 16, at 2:30 in room 209.  Come help us continue to plan and support health and wellness in our school.  All are welcome, Parents, teachers, students.