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Literacy specialist, Cynthia Guilarte, will demonstrate an interactive read aloud to explain ways to support growth and development of reading skills, and progression across grades.

Wednesday January 17, 5:30-6:30  School library. Childcare, dinner and translation is provided.  Stay around for our monthly PTA meeting.


This Saturday, January 13 a series of workshops for parents entitled Positive Adult Role Models from 9:00AM to 11:00AM in the library.  This is a series of workshops to help guide parents on positive ways to model discussions with your children about their changing bodies, building healthy relationships, and healthy mind-body care.

Workshops will be held every Saturday through January, and in February and March we will have yoga, and zumba.  All are welcome, bring a friend, join the discussion.   A flyer was sent home with your student.


Parents of K-4th graders- ask your child what they learned from the NYU dental team! K-4th (1st grades Jan 11) were visited this week by the NYU dental & nutrition program, lead by an NYU Pediatric Dental Professor.  The dental students and nutritionist lead the children in a discussion about oral hygiene: why and how we brush our teeth, how many teeth we have, which foods promote good oral health… they brought puppets and giant toothbrushes to demonstrate oral care.   Then the dental students did quick visual screens of the children as they had them roar like a lion, and sent a report and new toothbrush home with your child.  Please look for these in your child’s folders.

Career Day 2018


Career Day 2018

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

What is Career Day?

On Career Day we schedule visits from officials, civil servants, local business, theater, arts, science, and medical professionals – just to name a few!) to speak, present, perform, or do an activity with students about their careers. Guest Speakers are scheduled in all grades K-8. We encourage parents to look into your network of friends, family, and colleagues to invite them to present to our students. (Our teachers have also been wonderful reaching into their networks to find us exciting guests.)

Career Day is a full and exciting day for our children as many periods of their day are filled with guest presentations. It is a fun day for parents who are able to present and share their time in their child’s school. It is also a terrific day for parents who choose to help with the hospitality in the Library. We keep a light food service going all day for our guests and chit chat with them when they are between presentations… feels like a party! (although we are working very diligently). It is also a great day for parents even if you cannot come to the school – the kids will have so much to tell you when they get home – you can’t escape Career Day!

Career Day is a wonderful day to choose to give of your time to support the children. There is something for everyone at Career Day!

Thank you for your attention and for helping to make Career Day another super special day!

Fox 5 News Covered Career Day at PSMS 278 last year!

Winter Concert 2017


Once again it’s time for our Winter Concert! The Concert is 12/20/2017.

The concert will be preceded by a bake sale! Contributions accepted Tuesday 12/19 & Wednesday 12/20 in the PTA Office.

Holiday Concert Info:

Date: December 20th

Time: 6:00pm

Attire: Nice, festive clothing! No T-Shirts or jeans. (Black and white is always lovely.)

Classes/Groups Performing:

K01, K02

101, 102

201, 202

Violin Ensemble

Elementary Chorus

Middle School Chorus

Who’s invited: All parents and middle school students.

(Note – there will be a performance on the 20th at 9:30am for the elementary school students.)

*Parents are welcome to attend the evening show.

Final Day to Contribute to Walk-a-thon – DEC 7


Every year PSMS 278 students and teachers solicit pledges from the community and then walk the track at the Lawrence A. Wien Stadium at Columbia University. This year the students walked on Thursday, October 12.

Please support your student with a pledge for their walk.

Our goal is $20K. We need this money in order to fund:

  • 92nd Street Y dance (formerly funded by DOE)
  • Elementary school choir
  • Middle School Choir

Turn in Donations by Thursday, December 7!

All donations are tax deductible and go right back to the kids at PS/MS 278

The highest dollar amount in pledges in grades K-8 will win a Nintendo Switch. The second place student for grades K-5 will win a $50 Target gift card

The second place student for grades 6-8 will win a $50 Target gift card.

The classes with the highest number of contributions in grades K-5 will win a school pizza party

The classes with the highest number of contributions in grades 6-8 will win a school pizza party

And everyone will receive a no-uniform pass for every $75 earned.

Three easy ways to collect pledges:

  1. Send cash or check (payable to PTA of PSMS278) in with your student and their completed fundraising form (sent home in back packs)
  2. Fulfill your pledges through our online payment portal. Simply add your student’s name in the “In Honor of” field and Designate your donation to “Arts Walk” (example below)                                         donate-snipCreate your own personal crowdrise page to share with friends and family members via email and social media.

Pledges of any amount are welcome!columbia-fieldPlease Note: All donations must be collected by December 7 to be eligible for prizes.

Traffic on 219th & 220th

Parents who attended the Mon, Sept 11 CB12 Transportation Committee meeting reported back to the membership during the Sept 20th PTA Meeting. 

The Car Wash showed up with a traffic expert and a lawyer and declared “the school was the problem.” Further consideration for the proposal will be considered at next month’s meeting. Please mark Monday, October 2nd at 7 pm in your calendar at 530 West 166th Street, 6th Floor. We should show our support for the existing proposal being considered to change traffic patterns surrounding our school. 


For the last couple years, a group of school parents has been trying to get DOT to do something about the streets around the school. While we did improve the light timing at 220th a while back, 219th and 220th streets continue to be a mess during drop-off and pick-up. With the support of the principals of PS 18 and PS278, we requested that DOT change 219th and 220th to one-way streets, in order to better deal with the rampant double-parking that clogs the streets in both directions and causing much unnecessary horn honking, U turns and other unsafe conditions. We also asked for speed bumps and a signal at 219th. Double parking on each side with a single one-way travel lane in the middle will work better than double parking on each side with one travel lane being fought over by cars going in opposing directions.

DOT looked at the situation and said “you’re right, this is silly, every other side street in residential Inwood is one-way so this should be too, we agree.” But then the Car Wash went ballistic over the minor change to their oil-change queue (they line up on W220th headed west and use it as parking for waiting oil-change customers), and they did a full-court press on DOT with lawyers, employees, etc. crying how important and great the car wash was and how they help the police and the hospital and provide jobs and that they should not only not go to one-way but they should remove parking for extra car wash queuing space. Because of course the #1 traffic jam creator in upper Manhattan after La Marina and PJs should be treated with kid gloves instead of, say, the 900 actual kids impacted by dangerous street conditions and stuck sitting on buses.  

So DOT spent the last summer doing more studies and revising their proposal. It consists of one way streets, the elimination of some parking spots and designated parking for our school teachers. 

If any parents are interested in this situation and would like to see one-way streets enacted, please attend this meeting if you can. The car wash is sure to be present and the community board will be pressured by them if they are the only ones in the room.

Kindergarten Picnic 2017

kindergarten welcome picnic

Welcome to Our
PS/MS 278 Family!

Families were invited to our
2017 – 2018 Kindergarten
“Meet Your Classmates”
Potluck Picnic!


Fun and games were also on the menu! Thanks so much to ally who contributed to the organization and to the parents and teachers who participated!

Where: Isham Park (at end of Park Terrace East near pte and 215th street)
When: Sunday, August 27th
Time: 4:00pm to 7:00pm


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