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Wellness Council Tuesday, January 16

The School Wellness Council meets monthly and is open to all. Below find information on our end of the year events, please drop in at any point after that time, learn what is going on and  become part of the team!

School Wellness Council Tuesday January 16, at 2:30 in room 209.  Come help us continue to plan and support health and wellness in our school.  All are welcome, Parents, teachers, students.

Career Day 2018


Career Day 2018

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

What is Career Day?

On Career Day we schedule visits from officials, civil servants, local business, theater, arts, science, and medical professionals – just to name a few!) to speak, present, perform, or do an activity with students about their careers. Guest Speakers are scheduled in all grades K-8. We encourage parents to look into your network of friends, family, and colleagues to invite them to present to our students. (Our teachers have also been wonderful reaching into their networks to find us exciting guests.)

Career Day is a full and exciting day for our children as many periods of their day are filled with guest presentations. It is a fun day for parents who are able to present and share their time in their child’s school. It is also a terrific day for parents who choose to help with the hospitality in the Library. We keep a light food service going all day for our guests and chit chat with them when they are between presentations… feels like a party! (although we are working very diligently). It is also a great day for parents even if you cannot come to the school – the kids will have so much to tell you when they get home – you can’t escape Career Day!

Career Day is a wonderful day to choose to give of your time to support the children. There is something for everyone at Career Day!

Thank you for your attention and for helping to make Career Day another super special day!

Fox 5 News Covered Career Day at PSMS 278 last year!

Thank You to our Volunteers, Families and Local Businesses!


What an exciting Fall so far! The PTA would like to take a moment to thank all of you who volunteered during our many events this fall. A hearty thank you to the parents who donated their time and/or resources to the Dues Drive, Movie Night, Book Fair, Picture Day and Community Dinner.

We are also grateful to these local restaurants for supporting our school with their wonderful food! Remember their generosity when you are going out to eat or ordering in!
Albert’s Mofongo



Floridita Restaurant

Fresh Tortillas

Ft. Tryon Cafe

Garden Gourmet

Grandpa’s Pizza

John’s Fried Chicken

Park Terrace Deli

Riverdale Diner

Tonnie’s Minis


This is an admittedly busy time for our school and your families but everyone on the Executive Board is excited to see how our community continues to rise to the challenge.

We could not do it without you.



Wellness Events!

PS/MS 278 School Wellness Council Upcoming Events:

Thursday, November 2 at 8:15am at Allen Hospital

“FOOD and MOOD” discussion

Walk and Talk: come learn and practice English or Spanish through conversation while walking with fellow parents and caregivers  

Every Friday 8:10AM

meet in front of the school on 219th street



Tuesday November 13, 2017 @ 2:30-3:30 Room 209

Parents, teachers, students all welcome to join




Traffic on 219th & 220th

Parents who attended the Mon, Sept 11 CB12 Transportation Committee meeting reported back to the membership during the Sept 20th PTA Meeting. 

The Car Wash showed up with a traffic expert and a lawyer and declared “the school was the problem.” Further consideration for the proposal will be considered at next month’s meeting. Please mark Monday, October 2nd at 7 pm in your calendar at 530 West 166th Street, 6th Floor. We should show our support for the existing proposal being considered to change traffic patterns surrounding our school. 


For the last couple years, a group of school parents has been trying to get DOT to do something about the streets around the school. While we did improve the light timing at 220th a while back, 219th and 220th streets continue to be a mess during drop-off and pick-up. With the support of the principals of PS 18 and PS278, we requested that DOT change 219th and 220th to one-way streets, in order to better deal with the rampant double-parking that clogs the streets in both directions and causing much unnecessary horn honking, U turns and other unsafe conditions. We also asked for speed bumps and a signal at 219th. Double parking on each side with a single one-way travel lane in the middle will work better than double parking on each side with one travel lane being fought over by cars going in opposing directions.

DOT looked at the situation and said “you’re right, this is silly, every other side street in residential Inwood is one-way so this should be too, we agree.” But then the Car Wash went ballistic over the minor change to their oil-change queue (they line up on W220th headed west and use it as parking for waiting oil-change customers), and they did a full-court press on DOT with lawyers, employees, etc. crying how important and great the car wash was and how they help the police and the hospital and provide jobs and that they should not only not go to one-way but they should remove parking for extra car wash queuing space. Because of course the #1 traffic jam creator in upper Manhattan after La Marina and PJs should be treated with kid gloves instead of, say, the 900 actual kids impacted by dangerous street conditions and stuck sitting on buses.  

So DOT spent the last summer doing more studies and revising their proposal. It consists of one way streets, the elimination of some parking spots and designated parking for our school teachers. 

If any parents are interested in this situation and would like to see one-way streets enacted, please attend this meeting if you can. The car wash is sure to be present and the community board will be pressured by them if they are the only ones in the room.

Mrs. Guido’s Retirement Letter to the 278 Family

DSC_0476 (2)

Dear Parents and Guardians of PS/MS 278,

As you are aware I have been the Ambassador Principal at PS 5 for the last two years. It has been my joy to be able to watch as my team headed by Mrs. Lillian Reyes, Acting Principal and Mr. Charles Reilly, A.P. continue the vision, policies and programs that I put in place over the years since the school first opened in 2004.  While I have always been there as a support and guide, the day to day running of the school has been left in their very capable hands.  It is now time for me relinquish my role as principal and begin a new chapter as a retired administrator.

As of July 1, 2017 I will end my career as your principal and that of PS 5. It has been my honor to serve the children of District 6 and work with a superb group of principals under the leadership of Mr. Manuel Ramirez, D6 Superintendent.  We have learned together over the years to be strong advocates for children.

Most certainly, I will miss the students. Most of your children began with me in kindergarten and it has been exciting to watch them grow and learn.  The wonderful teachers, many of whom began with me in the early years, have set high expectations and provided rigorous instruction for your children. However, one of the most important aspects of The Paula Hedbavny School has been the culture of partnership we have shared.  At 278 the parent culture has always been, “how can we help”?  I hope that you will always continue to support Mrs. Reyes and Mr. Reilly with that commitment.  It is important for new parents to be as supportive and giving of their time as those parents who have been in the school for several years.  Administration, parents, teachers and students all working together is the magic of our school.

PS/MS 278 has been a gift to me. Thank you for allowing me to provide the kind of education that is traditional in academic rigor but creative to include the arts, enrichment clusters, support for healthy lifestyles and embracing other cultures.  It has grown into a special place and one that I’m am very confident will continue under the direction of Mrs. Reyes and supported by Mr. Reilly and the entire instructional team.  They have great plans for the future with laser focus on your children’s success.

It has been my honor to serve as your principal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity of spirit, time and care of what was affectionately referred to as “the car wash school” so many years ago and now one of the best schools in the city.  If you ever need me the school will know how to get in touch with me.




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