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278 Spring Book Fair Class Schedules and Website Link


To access the online fair, follow this link: and then scroll down to PS MS 278 PAULA HEDBAVNYSCHOOL.  And here is the classes schedule for the book fair – please direct any questions to Ms. Reyes or your child’s teacher. See you at the Book Fair!

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:45 –9:28 K02 501 401 151(half) 701
9:30 –10:13 KO1 101 302   802
10:15- 10:59 202 402 201    
11:01- 11:51 152 801   702
11:53- 12:43 601 301
12:45- 1:29 602 102 502  


Thank you.

WITS Letter to the 278 Community (December 2016)

December 19, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians:

We have had a busy fall.

I began doing “My Plate” Wits Bits in October working my way through the lower grades. The concepts were a bit challenging with the little guys but when I walked through the cafeteria and they proudly hoisted their planned plates for me to see, I realized they are beginning to get the message. I concluded with the fifth graders with a more mature take followed by Kale Smoothies. And, yes, the smoothies do taste good.

I did an introduction to the salad bar with Kindergarten. I quizzed them on their veggie knowledge and then they made a custom salad dressing to have at lunch.

Some actively tried, others will take more time.

I enjoyed “catering” November’s PTA meeting. It was a pleasure seeing many of you. For some, I have shared your children’s entire school life at 278. We tried new items on the menu – turkey burgers, “Greek Salad” and homemade coleslaw.

The tower garden has arrived and after a slow beginning it is now assembled in Ms. Lucarelli’s class. The planting should begin in January and I hope to have pictures affixed to my next letter to show our progress.

I am having a tasting tomorrow and we will have our first Café Day (Kale Krazy) and Career Day in January.

We are ending this year and beginning a new one with healthy, exciting and fun things to share with your kids. Thank you for letting me be part of it.

Best wishes for health, hope and happiness in the Holiday Season and New Year.

Chef Annie

Aka Anne Williams
































Anne Williams (aka Chef Annie).




We began December as Vegetable Month with a Café Day. Rumor has it that a very Large Green Salad and Carrot also attended to add a little wit to the event.

We offered lots of vegetable combos and every morsel was eaten. Until this activity, I had felt that I could only connect with the children in their classrooms. Times change. We will definitely be doing more Café Days based on the success of this one.

I am marching up the grade levels with classroom activities and today we made soup in the 3rd grade. Pasta e Fagioli (Pasta and Beans) was a huge success.

Mr. Cheeseman and Ms. Volow were real sports with both the children and me.

Some of the last class skipped lunch to have second (and thirds) of the soup.

I encouraged them to try the recipe at home.

I have always had a special affection for 278 as a school and community. The teachers, administrators and parents continue to inspire me and the children are a gift to me that is priceless. I can honestly say that my work is FUN!!!

May you and your families share the joy of the season with health and happiness in the New Year.

Feliz Navidad!

Chef Annie

Congratulations Chess Team!


Our PSMS 278 Chess Team on their first Chess Tournament! Our students participating in the Growing Minds Chess Academy, an after school program held at the school, were invited to participate on AVENUES Thanksgiving Chess Tournament 2016 held Saturday, Nov 27th at The World School. The kids had a blast! They all got to play four matches in their division. Representatives for Team PSMS 278 proudly held their trophies and they came in second place in the Novice 2 Division!



Mulch-O-Mania 2016


The outside of the school looked a little more beautiful on Monday morning, November 21. Several PTA dads worked with Tony and Miguel of the New York Restoration Project to lay a healthy bed of compost and wood chips for our trees out front and out back of the school. Here is a quick snap shot of the team as they finished their work Sunday morning.


Thank You to our Volunteers, Families and Local Businesses!




What an exciting Fall so far! The PTA would like to take a moment to thank all of you who volunteered during our many events this fall. A hearty thank you to the parents who donated their time and/or resources to the Dues Drive, Movie Night, Book Fair, Picture Day and Community Dinner.

This is an admittedly busy time for our school and your families but everyone on the Executive Board is excited to see how our community continues to rise to the challenge.

We could not do it without you.



Mr. Jackson Honored – NYC Men Teach!



Mr. Stephen Jackson, PS/MS 278 7th and 8th grade science instructor and a member of the inaugural group of NYC Men Teach teachers, was honored on Wednesday, June 29th with the “NYC Men Teach Award” in recognition for excellence in teaching and commitment to students in New York City.

“Led by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Young Men’s Initiative, NYC Men Teach is an engagement and recruitment effort aimed to inspire more men of color to become teachers in New York City. Of 75,000 teachers citywide, 8.5% are male teachers of color. Meanwhile, male students of color comprise 43% of our 1.1 million students. The NYC Men Teach initiative will make a difference in the lives of young people, who are not accustomed to seeing themselves represented in the front of the class, by infusing New York City public schools with teachers that reflect the vast diversity of the city.”

Mr. Jackson, along with distinguished colleagues, served on a panel of experts at the event. He will continue to serve as a leader and role model for men teachers, especially minority men, to be recruited for teaching in New York City. He will be a partner in helping the mayor’s office reach their goal of recruiting over 100 new men of color to the NYC teaching profession over the next 3 years.

“The event [also] featured remarks from an array of distinguished guests and speakers including: First Lady of New York City Chirlaine McCray, Deputy Mayor Richard Buery, Michael Mulgrew, UFT president, and Carmen Farina, NYC Schools Chancellor.”

Congratulations, Mr. Jackson! Thank you for the leadership, commitment, and expertise that you invest in the students of PS/MS 278 and city-wide.

To learn more about NYC Men Teach:


278 is an Excellence in School Wellness School!

Wellness School of the Year 2016

Wellness School of the Year 2016

At the Excellence in School Wellness Ceremony this week, 57 New York City public elementary schools were awarded an Excellence in School Wellness Award for creating healthier school environments.

The award recognizes schools that have met wellness criteria in six areas: physical activity, indoor active recess, removal of chocolate milk, school level wellness policies, wellness councils and the promotion of social, mental and emotional health.

The awards are a collaboration between the New York City Health Department’s Center for Health Equity and the New York City Department of Education’s Office of School Wellness Programs.

Each Spring, the Office of School Wellness Programs holds a poster contest that’s open to all NYC public school students from kindergarten to 12th grade. The award winners have showcased their creativity, originality and artistic talent as they promote the importance of healthy eating, daily physical activity and sufficient sleep. One winner and three runners up are selected from each grade level.

The winning designs will be displayed on posters in schools citywide, on the Department of Education’s website and in a colorful calendar.

PSMS 278 was a Silver Award Recipient!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!


P.S. 001 Courtlandt School

P.S./I.S. 218 Rafael Hernandez Dual  Language Magnet School

P.S. 311 Lucero Elementary School

P.S. 443X The Family School

P.S. 414 Brooklyn Arbor Elementary  School

P.S./I.S. 226 The Alfred De B.Mason  School

P.S. 72 The Lexington Academy

C.S. 154 Harriet Tubman Learning  Center

DREAM Charter School

Amber Charter School


P.S. 13 Roberto Clemente


P.S. 294 The Walton  Avenue School

P.S. 457 Sheridan Academy  for Young Leaders

P.S. 21 Crispus Attucks

P.S. 25 The Eubie Blake  School

P.S./I.S. 262 El Hajj  Malik El Shabazz Elementary School

P.S. 249 The Caton School

P.S. 50 Vito Marcantonio

P.S. 125 The Ralph Bunche  School

P.S./M.S 278 Paula  Hedbavny School

P.S. 50 Talfourd Lawn  Elementary School

P.S. 112 The Dutch Kills  School


The Academy of the Arts

P.S. 55 Benjamin Franklin

P.S. 32 The Belmont School

P.S. 85 Great Expectations

P.S. 95 The Sheila Mencher School

Success Academy Charter  School – Bronx 2

The Brooklyn Brownstone  School

P.S. 75 Mayda Cortiella

P.S. 32 The Samuel Mills Sprole School

Mosaic Preparatory Academy

P.S. 18 Park Terrace

P.S. 314 Muscota New School

P.S. 244 The Active Learning Elementary School

P.S. 555 Mt Eden Children’s Academy

Honorable Mention

P.S. 65 Mother Hale Academy

Grant Avenue Elementary School

P.S. 33 Timothy Dwight School

P.S. 306

Mott Haven Academy Charter School

Family Life Academy Charter School I

P.S. 44 Marcus Garvey Elementary  School

P.S. 305 Dr. Peter Ray School

P.S. 23 Carter G Woodson Elementary  School

P.S. 59 William Floyd School

P.S./I.S. 165 Ida B. Posner School

P.S. 116 The Elizabeth L. Farrell School

P.S. 123 Suydam School

P.S. 145 Andrew Jackson School

P.S. 274 Kosciusko School

P.S. 334 The Anderson SchoolP.S./I.S. 171 Patrick Henry Preparatory School

P.S./I.S. 210 Twenty First Century Academy for Community Leadership

P.S. 1 The Tottenville School

P.S. 11 The Governor Thomas Dongan  Elementary School

P.S. 13 The Margaret L. Lindemeyer School

Elementary School

Claire Yoon, Grade 3

P.S. 79 Frances Lewis, Queens

Teacher: Benjamin Paquette

Middle School

Akaneh Wang, Grade 8

J.H.S. 74 Nathaniel Hawthorne, Queens

Teacher: Irene Papamichael

High School

Luyi Song, Grade 12

Brooklyn Technical High School, Brooklyn


Elementary School

Claire Baek, Grade 5

P.S. 98 The Douglaston School, Queens

Teacher: Linda Rizzatti

Matteo Feola, Grade 4

P.S. 32 Samuel Mills Sprole, Brooklyn

Teacher: David Chimoskey

 Ferenc A. Zou, Grade 2

P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep, Manhattan

Teacher: Hannah Choi

Middle School

Katherine Chokpaporn, Grade 8

I.S. 141 The Steinway, Queens

Teacher: Nicole Somma

Sophia Hoang, Grade 6

J.H.S. 74 Nathaniel Hawthorne, Queens

Teacher: Andrew Zaben

Xue Ying Huang, Grade 7

J.H.S. 220 John J. Pershing, Brooklyn

Teacher: Aleccia Braithwaite

High School

Stephanie Chin, Grade 11

Robert F. Kennedy Community High School, Queens

Teacher: Edward Zawacki

Dayanara Garcia, Grade 11

High School for Health Careers and Sciences,

Teacher: Iana Mardirosyan

Sabiha Sultana, Grade 12

Brooklyn International High School, Brooklyn

Teacher: Dara Ross

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