The PS/MS 278 community is dedicated to the success of its students. Our safe and nurturing environment fosters academic, social and personal growth.

A standards-based, integrated curriculum sets high expectations for all students while meeting the individual needs of our diverse population. We provide opportunities to explore and experiment through a project-based curriculum in all subject areas.

The arts and technology consistently and effectively complement all academic subjects. We welcome a collaborative partnership with our staff, parents and surrounding community. Together we will prepare our children to exceed the challenges of the 21st century.

This school is dedicated in celebration of a life devoted to children, family, colleagues and friends.

Paula Ellen Jacobs HedbavnyPaula Jacobs Hedbavny was a licensed New York City teacher of Special Education. Paula was an advocate for children, reaching out to many agencies to ensure the best possible services for her students.

She was innovative in her approach to learning; whether it was in the teaching of reading or creating a café where this real-life experience helped students sharpen their math skills.

As a colleague she endeared herself to everyone she met. Mrs. Hedbavny enjoyed great success with the students she so loved to teach. Her helping hand reached out to many in District 6. This building stands in celebration of her courage, fortitude, excellence as a teacher, devoted wife, mother and friend. It is our hope that her example will shine through our entire school community.Diagnosed in 1989 with breast cancer, Paula fought a relentless battle. She lost her battle in Nov, 2003.
PS/MS 278  2016 School Quality Survey Results

PS/MS 278 DOE Website: http://schools.nyc.gov/SchoolPortals/06/M278/default.htm

Lillian Reyes, Principal
Phone: 917-521-2060
421 W 219TH ST
New York, NY 10034

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