Homework and Behavior Policies

Positive Behavior Initiative Support System (PBIS)

PIBS is a school-wide system that rewards positive student behaviors and provides consequences for behaviors that disrupt learning.  Dean of Student Support ensures that all rules are followed and keeps track of any infractions to school rules.

Tiger Rewards

Tiger Tickets are a reward system where students receive tiger tickets worth one point for good behavior and good deeds.  Points are redeemed at the end of each month at the “Tiger’s Lair” where students can “buy” school supplies, books and other school related items.


The success of all our students requires that they practice what they have learned during the day with a meaningful homework assignment. Students must have a nightly literacy and math assignment on all grade levels. The following are the homework expectations as written in the student handbook and given to students and parents so the requirement is both public and anticipated. Homework is also another way in which parents can keep abreast of their child’s progress.

  • Homework is required in grades K-8 Monday through Thursday.
  • Friday/Weekend assignments will be given out at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Students in Kindergarten through second grade will be assigned homework in at least two subjects every night.
  • Students in grades 3 through 5 will be assigned homework in at least three subjects every night.
  • Students in grades 6 through 8 will be assigned homework in all subjects every night.

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty and integrity are important to academic success. We pride our students upon the fact that they can and will complete work using their own ideas, giving credit to those whose ideas they use in their own work. Cheating is a violation of our commitment to academic honesty. All instances of it will be prohibited, including but not limited to sharing or providing answers before class, copying class work or homework from another person, obtaining or observing testing materials prior to their administration, and/or failing to properly cite the author whose ideas you include in your own original work.


Students must be taught what constitutes plagiarism. Teachers are expected to incorporate lessons on correct citing, paraphrasing etc. when teaching and or requesting research papers.

Contacting Teachers

Teachers are available to meet with parents before and after school and during their preparation periods. We value contact between parents and teachers. You should be hearing from the principal monthly via the Parent Bulletin which lays out the month in advance. You can also check our online Calendar here. Ask your child if you haven’t received it by the end of the first week of the month. Should you wish to speak with your child’s teacher, please send a note requesting a meeting. If you have an urgent need kindly call the office (212 -942-3440). We are happy to make connection between you and your child in cases of emergency. Speaking directly with teachers during the school day is not possible unless you have set up a mutually agreeable time. However, we are happy to take any school related message and delivery it to the staff member so they can return your call at their earliest convenience. It is of particular concern that you meet with teachers regarding any grading issue.