Salvadori GLOBE Program

GLOBE (Guided Learning Through Our Built Environment)


The Salvadori Center’s GLOBE program (Guided Learning Through Our Built Environment) is an innovative three-year partnership with eight New York City public schools selected by application. GLOBE uses the investigation of the built world as a springboard for learning in all disciplines. Salvadori educators work onsite mentoring teachers, modeling lessons and developing curriculum targeted to student needs.

Teachers learn strategies to engage and motivate all learners and transform their classrooms into active environments for critical thinking and problem solving. Their students learn geometry by constructing bridges, physics by building simple machines, and ratio and proportion by making scale models of skyscrapers. Young people become skilled at working collaboratively, writing and debating persuasively, and presenting their ideas effectively. They understand the real-world applications of the concepts they’re mastering in school as they explore their communities and the importance of civic involvement.

Salvadori projects align with local and national standards and with the scope and sequence of city- and state-mandated curricula. Through GLOBE, the Center provides effective learning conditions for educational success: comprehensive teacher education, a multi-year commitment, a year-round presence in schools, and a thorough evaluation.

GLOBE Schools Receive:

  • Funding support for 70% of the program
  • Integration of Salvadori curricula into school and classroom learning goals
  • Three-day professional development summer institute
  • Weekly on-site mentoring and curriculum development by Salvadori educators
  • Access to the Center’s lesson plans and educational materials

GLOBE Schools Commit to:

  • Pay a fee of $16,000 per year for three years
  • Provide ample time for professional development and curriculum planning
  • Participate in a formal evaluation of the program