Grading Policy

In an effort to be clearer to students and parents regarding what constitutes a level grade, we are going to use number grades to inform students and parents where our students stand academically. The following conversion exceeds the standards of the Regents, but correlates with the New York State testing scale and will be implemented:

K-3 and Special Education students will receive progress reports and report cards using the New York State levels 1 to 4. Note below the explanation of those levels.

Grades 3 – 8: Yearly grade promotional criteria will be based on three components, (1) classroom work and portfolio, (2) New York State standardized test scores, and (3) attendance. The Paula Hedbavny School uses a grade scale of 100 points that correlates to the New York State four-point grade scale. The section below explains the grade scale conversion:

1) Classroom work and portfolio (class work, tests, homework, quizzes, participation, projects, effort)

  • 4: (90 -100) exceeds grade level standards
  • 3: (76 – 89) meets grade level standards
  • 2: (65 -75) approaches grade level standards
  • 1: (64 and below) far below grade levels

2) New York State standardized test scores
Grades 3-8 are required to pass the English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, and pending New York State testing policies, science and social studies examinations.

3) Honor Roll
Students are awarded honor roll certificates based achieving levels 3 or higher in all subjects in greades 1 through 5. In the middle school all students must have a minimum grade of 80% in all subjects and overall average of 85%.

4) Attendance**
4: three or fewer absences

3: four to nine absences

2: ten to eighteen absences

1: nineteen or more absences (Fails promotional criteria)

** Three times tardy can equal one official absence.