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A Letter From Mrs. Guido – Please read (July 2015)

July 2, 2015

Dear Parents of PS/MS 278,

Superintendent Ramirez thinks very highly of our school.  He sees high quality instruction, committed, talented teachers and a school culture that embraces the partnership between the home and school.  Graciously, he acknowledges that this is foremost due to my leadership with the support of my Assistant Principal, Mrs. Lillian Reyes and my team of Charles Reilly, Dean, Jessica Peskie, Literacy Coach, Robert Klein, ESL Coordinator and Shpresa Demiri, Math/Technology Specialist.

He has asked me to partner with PS5, as their Ambassador Principal, to replicate the rigor and some of the programs that we have in place here to support that school.  The upcoming school year will be a busy one for me.  However, please be assured that I am still the principal of PS/MS 278.  I will be at PS5 frequently during the school year.  Mrs. Reyes will be Acting Principal when I’m not in the building and she will be supported by the same team.  Nothing will change except you will not see my smiling face daily, which might make some people happy!  However, I will be here at 278 some part of every week.  I am hoping that this partnership will also bring together the parent communities.  You have so much to offer and I’m sure they have much to share and learn as well.

I hope you will join me in embracing this new challenge.  As I told the Superintendent, The Paula Hedbavny School is my first child. I would never take on anything that would jeopardize what we have accomplished and continue to work to achieve.  However, this is also a way for me to step back and watch “my baby” flourish as I approach the end of my career.  Please be assured that when I am not here I am an email away.  Just in case you don’t have it, it is

Have a wonderful summer.  See you in September.

Maureen Guido